I suck at everything.

During fall break I wanted to finally get my netbook set up. Aaaaand I didn’t do it. But, I did it now. I wanted to use FreeBSD, but I think I will stick with Linux on the desktop for now. Here is my netbook, called “kodama” (bonus points if you get the reference without googling it):


The hardware is a usual Intel single core Atom (N270, according to /proc/cpuinfo) running at 1.6 GHz with 1 GB RAM (upgrading to 4 GB) and an Intel Integrated 945GSE Graphics Controller (KERNEL MODE SETTING BITCHES) aaand a Broadcom BCM 4312 wireless chipset (Even though I am running Linux, FreeBSD’s kernel does support that wireless chipset, thats kind of rare). Running Debian GNU/Linux jessie (8.0) with evilwm (hoping to switch to mcwm soon, I use evil on my desktop too and I want some wm diversity) and of course, urxvt.

My livejournal died


Just had my first hot chocolate of the year (and by year I mean Oct 2013-Jan2014) aand I’m listening to Reel Big Fish. Time for decorative lights and some serious changes.

Oh wait. I got a job. Damn, well. Let’s see how much free time I ha- oh, I have tennis too.

It’s like you guys don’t want me to be on the computer all the time.

The record company is gonna make everything alright.

Quick meaningless update here. Wanted to show you my Slackware desktop.
2013-10-20-000354_1600x900_scrotI’ve been wasting too much time messing around with minimalist stacking and tiling window managers. My entourage began with evilwm, including a successful reddit post to r/unixporn (FINALLY IM A TRUE HACKER!)! After that, I switched to xmonad, aaand thats it. BUT here is the thing, fellas. I’m learning everything I can with these two window managers. and I mean everything. Key bindings, configuration files. Hell, I’m learning Haskell to introduce myself to functional programming (Because I love mathematics, despite the fact that I am not good at it)!

Sorry, I’ll go back to Gryphix. Had an ISO file going and a f*cked up the toolchain btw. Let’s keep going, can’t quit. Spuk is STILL being worked on, no matter how strongly it seems like I’m doing nothing. I am. Srsly. Process images and threading have been in my mind. exec() based interfaces are the confusing BOMB, yo.

Gryphix plan #9.3


The little things, the little things.

Gryphix plan #9.2-RELEASE

Right, well, believe it or not, I actually made some progress! I’ve just setup my barebones webserver (just an old desktop running FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE; uses nginx as the webserver software) and hope to add WordPress to it, because God knows that I can’t do that web dev stuff. I have a friend who wants to, but he still has to learn a lot more, so WordPress is just a temporary fix for now. Once I get WordPress installed, I’ll need to get unbound (DNS software on FreeBSD, BIND was cool but damn did it need to be patched) working too, no idea what I am doing (as usual). BUT the problem is, http://gryphix.org/ as of right now, doesn’t actually belong to me. It belongs to my good friend Justin. SO, I will have to get that from him. That is going to be difficult because quite frankly I have no idea what I am doing. DNS is just pure magic to me. Look, I just like writing C.

Gryphix plan #9.1

So, tonight is the night I start rebooting Gryphix after a freaking year of inactivity. Combine High School with learning C, and you have a lot on your hands. Rumor around town is that I’m getting a job at a local grocery store, so shtuff can only go downhill from here. I refuse to stop. Why? I’m a 16 year old teenager. I can do whatever I want.

That was sarcasm, calm down. So, what to do… Well, I’ll start off by allocating 100 gigabytes of HDD space I have on /dev/sdb for a quick LFS start. While compiling various pieces of software, I’ll implement strings and system calls to spuk, cause that piece of crap isn’t done yet, that’s for sure. The thing can’t do anything. I’ll do that for a couple days HOWEVER, I am to depart for Kentucky, USA on either Tuesday or Wednesday, and I was hoping to apply an stunnel configuration to ashitaka and kodama (Some simple yet hard UNIX magic I read on BSDNow) which, if working, would allow me to practially have a gateway into my main desktop. To go into more detail, I would access ashitaka via SSH, however all TCP/IP packets would be sent through a HTTPS/SSL connection, which means that I can interface with the entire computer, and it would seems as though I was accessing a website. Pure magic to me, hope to figure it out before I am 30. AND THEN I gotta deploy two servers running FreeBSD using lighttp for web server stuff and vsftpd for ftp stuff and BIND, obviously, for DNS and postfix for mail redirection and, well, they’re for just web stuff on Gryphix’s website. So, I have a lot of stuff I want to do, and even though I got A’s and 1 B, I am probably not going to be able to do it cause my parents (I AM A 16 YEAR OLD TEENAGER THAT CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS BECAUSE I KNOW MORE THAN MY PARENTS)

Calm down.

Cheesy crappy XFCE/KDE screenshot

For old times sake and to laugh at. This is what I’m working with right now.


EDIT: As usual, I like to compile so I’m low on RAM.